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Airport Body Scanners

SecurSCAN Body Scanners for airport checks are high security systems, for detecting and identifying dangerous objects or illegal substances.
SecurSCAN Body Scanners can be installed in the security checkpoints of:

  • Airports and Boarding
  • Courts and Courthouses
  • Penitentiary institutions

SecurSCAN Body Scanners can identify with remarkable precision any illegal or potentially dangerous hidden object such as:

  • Iron, ceramic, wooden objects
  • Weapons of any type and ordnance
  • Precious metals and stones
  • Drug ova or other objects in the stomach
  • Electronic devices and triggers

Airport Body Scanner SecurSCAN

SecurSCAN Full Body Scanner

  • Detect all materials
  • Recognizes drug eggs in the stomach
  • Metal, ceramic, wooden weapons
  • Ideal in airports
Explosives vapor detector Eye on Air AirBrush

Eye on Air AirBrush

  • Detects explosive vapors (EVD)
  • All substances in the ECAC table
  • Check the passengers' shoes
  • Ideal for airports