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Swabtek Test Kit for drug traces detection

Swabtek Narcotics GoBag

SwabTek Narcotics Go bag contains 60 drug test kits inside a practical carrying bag.
Drug tests are a screening to determine the presence of traces of narcotic substances , guaranteeing an immediate result.

SwabTek Narcotics go bag contains:

  • Bag with zip
  • 10 test kits for Fentanyl
  • 10 test kits for Cannabis
  • 10 test kit for Amphetamine
  • 10 test kit for Cocaine
  • 10 test kit for Heroin
  • 10 test kits for generic narcotics

How are disposable tests used?

Each test is packaged in a sachet with two distinct parts inside: the swab test and the paper test. The sample test should come into contact with the surface or liquid in which we suspect the presence of the drug. At this point the swab will have to come into contact with the test paper which, in 30 seconds, will react and indicate the presence or absence of the narcotic, based on its color.

SwabTek Narcotics GoBag is indispensable for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Prison police
  • Scientific police