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Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems SDS Vision Compact

SecurSCAN® SDS Vision Compact

SecurSCAN SDS Vision Compact is a sub-vehicular control system, suitable in areas of high security risk, its portability makes it ideal for use in mobile security checkpoints.
The vehicle chassis is scanned during the passage, and any objects hidden under the vehicle body are captured by the system camera, which shows them on the monitor.
Explosive devices, weapons, smuggled goods and drugs are shown to the operator in real time on the monitor.
SDS Vision Compact is much more effective than traditional subvehicle control systems.

SecurSCAN SDS Vision finds application inside courthouses, government buildings, customs, airports, embassies, prisons, and all sensitive places where there is traffic of incoming and outgoing vehicles.


  • 1.Scanning unit with integrated high power white light illuminators and special high resolution (10 Mpx) color hemispherical camera
  • 2.10 m connection cables for power and data.
  • 3.N ° 1 special camera for reading the car plate, complete with tripod.
  • 4.Remote control unit composed of PC Embedded in a special container equipped with keyboard, mouse, 22 "high resolution monitor, acquisition cards, power supplies and scan management software.
  • 5.Integrated License Plate Recognition System.
  • 6.Special transport trunk equipped with wheels, able to contain in a protected and safe way, all the elements of the system.
  • 7.Environmental protection rating of the IP 55 sub-vehicular scanning unit.