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Postal Scanner Letterbomb

SecurSCAN® Letterbomb

Postal Scanner SecurSCAN® LetterBomb

Letterbomb is a postal scanner that detects metal.

It can detect metal ordinances and objects hidden inside envelopes and small postal packages. It can be placed on top of an ordinary desk and does not require any training for its use.

Due to the settable sensitivity values, Letterbomb can bypass staples and paper clips.

It will not damage photographic film and magnetic tapes.

What does Letterbomb detect?
  • Detonating devices
  • Cutters, keys, blades
  • Tinfoil wrappers
  • Electronic components
Where should Letterbomb be used?
  • Penitentiaries, Courthouses
  • Mail sorting points
  • Public offices, Companies, Barracks

Specifiche Tecniche:
  • Dimensions: 38x28x30 cm.
  • Slide: Regulable, angle/horizontal
  • Weight: 2 kg.
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz (from mains), 12-9.6V/500mA (from battery)
  • Sensitivity: smaller detail than a paper clip (sensitivity can be set)
  • Control system: monitored by alarm LED, emergency operation, emergency power supply
  • Alarm (metal detection): visual + acoustic / optical: switchable
  • Alarm mode: continuous with manual reset or dynamic alarm according to object size
  • Interference suppression: automatic adaptation to mediate the interference.