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Explosive Detector M-ION Pro

SecurSCAN® M-ION Pro

M-ION Pro is a highly sensitive portable sniffer that detects and identifies even the smallest trace of explosives.
Excellent for checking baggage and bags at airports, courts, barracks and any potentially risky place, it guarantees operations without false alarms even in extremely dusty or humid environments.
Very simple to use, it does not require the use of expensive consumables, as well as saving the results of over 100,000 analyzes in its internal memory.
Connectable to external computers, tablets, smartphones via wireless or cable.

Technical Specifications
  • It does not contain any internal radiation source
  • Low running costs, consumables are not required
  • Identify vapors and particles
  • Simple to use
  • Immediate use
  • Remote control and self-diagnosis function