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Explosives and Narcotics Detectors

These SecurSCAN systems allow, through "Sniffer" or X-ray control, to identify even the smallest traces of explosive substances or drugs.
Perfect for the rapid check of luggage, bags, clothing, during police operations or security checkpoints, in sensitive places and at risk of attack or subject to smuggling.
Able to detect all existing explosives, both conventional and unconventional, including IED (Improvised Explosive Device) devices, that is, those of an artisanal and improvised nature.
SecurSCAN explosive detectors are high security devices, and are essentially aimed at:

  • Armies
  • Police forces
  • Security services

Explosive Sniffer Detector SecurSCAN® M-ION
  • Explosive Sniffer Detector
  • Identify vapors and particles
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Collegabile a PC e Smartphone
Portable X-ray system SecurSCAN® Scantrak
SecurSCAN® Scantrak
  • Portable X-ray system
  • Identifies drugs and explosives
  • Portable, ready in 2 minutes
  • Immediate analysis of objects
Explosive Sniffer Detector SecurSCAN® Explonics
SecurSCAN® Explonix
  • Explosive Sniffer Detector
  • Conforms to ECAC regulations
  • Identify all explosives
  • No training required
Explosive Sniffer Detector SecurSCAN® Mini Explonics
SecurSCAN® Mini Explonix
  • Explosive Sniffer Detector
  • Single button operations
  • Identify all explosives
  • No training required
Explosives and Drug detector Detectachem® SEEKERe
Detectachem® SEEKERe
  • Rilevatore di esplosivi e droghe
  • Portable and handy
  • No maintenance required
  • Store over 100.000 test
Explosive trace detector Eye on Air® Eyon1
Eye on Air® Eyon1
  • Detects explosive traces (ETD)
  • All substances in the ECAC table
  • Ideal for airports
  • Quick analysis
Explosives vapor detector Eye on Air® AirBrush
Eye on Air® AirBrush
  • Detects explosive vapors (EVD)
  • All substances in the ECAC table
  • Check the passengers' shoes
  • Ideal for airports