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Swabtek Test Kit for the detection of traces of Fentanyl

Swabtek Fentanyl Test Kit

The SwabTek Fentanyl test kit is a screening for the presence of traces of Fentanyl and synthetic opiates, with an immediate result .

Fentanyl and the like can appear in both fine, white powder and crystalline grains, they can also be dissolved in liquids or gels and found in pharmaceutical products.

The test detects and identifies:
  • Fentanyl and its main derivatives
  • Opiates and amphetamines
  • Traces of Fentanyl with a level of just 3 μg
Product description

The test is for single use and consists of a dry reagent. It can be used on both liquid and solid samples, and detects the substance either in pure form or mixtures with other narcotics.

This is a practical and non-dangerous kit, it can easily be stored in wallets and pockets for easy transport.

How to use the Fentanyl test kit

It is packaged in an envelope with two distinct parts inside: the swab test and the paper test .

The sample test must come into contact with the surface or liquid in which we suspect the presence of Fentanyl .
At this point the swab will have to come into contact with the test paper which, in 30 seconds, will react and indicate the presence or absence of the narcotic , based on its color.