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Professional X-Ray Security System - XRC 60-40 DV

SecurSCAN® XRC 6040

Security X Ray System
  • Dimensions: 204 x 87 x 137 cm. (L x W x H)
  • Tunnel Dimensions: 61 cm. (W) x 44 cm. (H)
  • Approx. Weight Unpacked: 555 kg.
  • Conveyor Speed: 0,20 mt/sec.
  • Conveyor Load Capacity: 165 kg. (evenly distribuited)
  • Conveyor Height: 80 cm.
  • System Power: 230VAC +/- 10% / 60-50 Hz
Certificazione ECACCertificazione TSACertificazione STAC


Carrying out rapid and thorough inspections is now possible thanks to SecurSCAN liquid explosives (Standard 2 and Standard 3 Type C, certified by ECAC and STAC).

Use by operators is extremely facilitated and intuitive thanks to the image processing functions, the danger alarms and the advanced information technology.
The SecurSCAN XRC 60-40 DV processing and analysis software is currently the best available on the market: it allows easy identification of potentially dangerous objects with the minimum error rate such as cutting tools, explosive substances, narcotics and unwanted objects.

Designed with Dual View technology, thanks to the two X-ray generators it provides detailed high-resolution images from multiple angles: it is therefore possible to scan objects through a single pass, in this way the objects hidden The inside of the baggage are detected quickly and more easily.

The multi-diode technology and superior imaging quality represent objects with different colors, based on their density, showing organic materials >, inorganic and mixed. Small bags and suitcases, parcels and hand luggage are the most suitable objects to be scanned by the SecurSCAN XRC 60 -40 DV, in all places where a high level security check is required such as airport checkpoints, ministries, prisons, >courts, logistics warehouses and customs.


Standard Features
  • Programmable Function Keys
  • Parcel Counter
  • Date and Time Display
  • Virtual Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Organic/Inorganic Threat Alarm
  • Operator Training Program (OTP)
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Generator Timer
  • Automatic Stop Conveyor
X-Ray Generator and Image Performance
  • 1.Steel Penetration: 37 mm. guaranteed / 39 mm. typical
  • 2.Wire Resolution: 38 AWG guaranteed / 40 AWG typical
  • 3.Article Separation: Low Z, Medium Z, High Z to 0,5 Z accuracy
  • 4.Generator Cool: Oil and forced air cooling
  • 5.Anode Voltage: 170 kV operating at 160kV
  • 6.Tube Current: 0,7 mA
  • 7.Direction of X-Ray: Diagonally upward
Optional Features:
  • Barcode Reader System
  • External Camera Archiving
  • Remote Viewing Station
  • Recheck Station
  • Network Supervisory System (NSS)
  • Remote Access Connection
  • Smart Card Login