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Professional X-Ray control system - XRC180-180

SecurSCAN® XRC180-180

Sistema Professionali di Controllo a Raggi X - XRC180-180

SecurSCAN XRC180-180 is an advanced X-Ray inspection system whose extremely large dimensions make it particularly suitable for the inspection of large packages and pallets of goods, in places such as:

  • Freight Terminals
  • Storage
  • Storage Areas
  • Customs
  • The large size of the gate (180x180cm.) enables detection of large objects (pallets) while maintaining maximum sensitivity and detection capacity, even for the smallest objects. Weapons, Drugs, Ambiguous Objects, Detonators, Rudimentary Explosive Devices and Electronic Devices are just a few examples of what XRC180-180 is able to analyse.

    SecurSCAN XRC180-180 is the large-sized X-Ray security system preferred the most by Customs and Maritime Companies, as well as Shipping Companies.
    It identifies:

    • Organic and inorganic material
    • Handcrafted and conventional Explosive Weapons and Ordnances
    • Smuggled Items
    • Powdered, liquid and solid drugs

    SecurSCAN XRC180-180 is the most successful large-sized X-Ray system, and is recommended to be installed in all places with a high probability of risk of terrorist attack, particularly in strategic and freight centres where the transit of illegal goods is daily routine.

    • Dimensions: 808 x 287.7 x 241 cm. (L x W x H)
    • Tunnel dimensions: 182.2 x 180.9 cm. (L x H)
    • Weight: 4300 kg.
    • Conveyor Belt Speed: 0.20 mt/sec.
    • Conveyor Belt Load Capacity: 3000 kg. distributed
    • Conveyor Belt Height: 81 cm.
    • Power supply: 230VAC +/- 10% / 60-50 Hz
X-Ray generatore and Image Performance
  • 1.Penetrazione Acciaio:
  • 35 mm. Garantiti, 36 mm. Tipici
  • 2.Risoluzione Spaziale: 36AWG Garantiti, 38 AWG Tipici
  • 3.Raffreddamento: A bagno d'olio sigillato
  • 4.Tensione Anodica: 180 Kv
  • 5.Corrente Tubo: 1 mA
  • 6.Direzione Raggi X: Diagonale verso l'alto
Min. specifications On-Board Computer
  • 1.Steel penetration: 35 mm. guaranteed / 36 mm. Typical
  • 2.Spatial Resolution: 36 AWG guaranteed / 38 AWG typical
  • 3.Cooling: Sealed oil bath
  • 4.node Voltage: 180 KV
  • 5.Tube Current: 1 mA
  • 6.X-Ray Direction: Diagonally upwards