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Swabtek Test Kit for detecting traces of dry explosives

Swabtek Test Kit for dry explosives

SwabTek's Dry Explosives Detection Kit is designed to test for the presumed presence of chemicals used in explosives , in any liquid sample.

The test detects and identifies:
  • Nitroaromatics: TNT, DNT, TNB, DNB , Tetryl
  • Nitrates: ANFO, ANIS, ANAL, ANNM , Black-powders, UNIS, NaNO3, KNO3, UreaNO3, AmmoniumNO3
  • Nitro-amines: HMX, RDX, SEMTEX , C4, C2 explosive sheet, DETASHEET, SHOTCORD
  • Nitro-esters: NG, PETN, EGDN , nitrocellulose and firearm residue analysis
  • Oxidizing peroxides, MEKP, Hydrogen peroxide, TATP, HMTD, Poor-man's C4, Chlorates, Bromates.


Product Description

The kit uses a cotton swab for sample collection, this allows the user to quickly, easily and safely test any sample, even invisible, suspected of containing explosive material.
In this way the user can test any surface suspected of having come into contact with explosive material, such as:

  • chemicals
  • devices
  • tables
  • hands
  • clothing

The test does not contain acids, carcinogens or toxic liquids, eliminating any potential risk to the user during the test.

Samples can be commercial explosives, generally stabilized, or Homemade Explosives (HMEs): powder, paste or liquid.
There are 100 single-use tests in the package.