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Radio Signal locator ST167-5G

SecurSCAN® ST167-5G

The digital and analogue radio signal locator SecurSCAN ST167-5G is a device for detecting mobile phone activity and wireless data transmissions.
Essentially suitable for prisons and environments where the presence of cell phones is absolutely prohibited and illegal, it is able to detect and locate the following types of signals:

  • Standard cell phones (SDMA450, GSM 900, 1800, 3G, 4G, 5G telephones and modems)
  • Wireless transmissions (WLAN 2.4,5GHz,BLUETOOTH,4G,5G,800/2600MHz)
  • DECT standard for microcellular wireless communication.

Where is ST167-5G indicated?

  • Prisons and Barracks
  • Universities and exam centres
  • Wherever the use of cell phones


24-hour monitoring of the radio environment while recording information about detected signals in the unit's non-volatile memory.
It is a receiver with digital control and a color OLED display.
Detects signals with digital data transmission protocols and the entire frequency band of analog signals.

The extremely compact dimensions, and the long autonomy of the rechargeable batteries (over 4 hours), allow the operator to keep it in his pocket and be alerted via vibration and/or acoustic signalof the presence of transmitting devices such as cell phones.