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Security Metal Detector Garrett Paragon

Garrett Paragon TM

The Garrett ParagonTM represents the cutting-edge in the field of security metal detectors, combining excellence and modernity with unmatched performance.

This security device takes innovation to a higher level, introducing configurations and advanced operational features, along with a distinctive design.
Essential in critical public safety contexts, from stadiums to courthouses, Paragon is designed to effectively detect weapons and unwanted objects, ensuring maximum responsiveness and adaptability to sudden changes, setting new standards for the future of security.

Main Features
  • AmbiscanTM allows for distinct sensitivity adjustments
  • Bilateral Detection
  • 66 Detection Zones
  • Up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels
  • IP65 Protection Rating
  • Integrated UPS
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 221x58 cm. (HxD)
  • Weight: 68.95 kg.
  • Power supply: from 240 VAC~± 10% 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Operating temperature: from -20 to +55°C


Main Advantages of Garrett Paragon
  • Quick detection
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Advanced synchronization
  • Over 23 application programs included
  • Cell phone discrimination
  • Backup battery included