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Cell Phone detector BVD SentryHound


SentryHound-Pro is the fastest and most effective solution for the detection of any electronic device illegally transported within environments such as:

  • Prisons and Barracks
  • Courts and Government Offices
  • Universities and exam centres

SentryHound-Pro detects mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, earphones and even weapons such as guns and small knives.

The inspection sensors of BVD SentryHound-Pro are highly sensitive, so much so that they are able to perceive even the tiny metal components obviously present inside each device, which could easily be ignored by a simple metal detector.


Essential Specifications
  • Configurable and ready in less than 30 seconds
  • Lightweight, versatile and with long-lasting batteries
  • Also suitable for outdoors
  • False signals reduced to a minimum
  • Identifies any portable electronic device
Technical Specifications
  • Sensors: 8 independent sensors (4 per pole), one for each area (head/shoulders - chest/waist - thighs/knees - ankles/feet)
  • Detection Method: Completely safe ferromagnetic passive sensing (no radiation emitted) for pregnant women, pacemakers and medical implants
  • Detection path: Diamond-shaped motion sensor formed between the bases
  • Sync: Motion sensors and IR connections allow greater reaction to false detections
  • Horizontal coverage: 80 - 160 cm between the two poles - 45 -60 cm coverage of a single pole
  • Vertical coverage: 190 cm from the ground
  • Detection cases: Inside bags, handbags, clothes, shoes, hair, wallets, pockets, human body, ... Inside suitcases and other large contraband checks
  • Alarms: Omnidirectional colored flashing LEDs, bright in daylight, directional flashing colored LEDs (specific area for security personnel). Integrated siren with adjustable volume. Clean contacts for alarms, DVR, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, etc ...
  • Security: ON/OFF lock key for all functions
  • Sensitivity: 4 levels (selectable by the user)
  • Configuration: Plug and play with less than 30 seconds from power on to full operation. No software or assembly required
  • Power: 220Vac and internal battery charging with 3-hour operating autonomy, 12Vdc batteries.
  • Weight: 7.7 kg fully assembled (single pole weight)
  • Dimensions: 172.72 x 30.48 x 20.32 cm
  • Options: Wall mounting kit, on-site training