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Rilevatori di Cellulari

The Cell Phone and Electronic Device Detectors SecurSCAN® are highly sophisticated devices for the security of sensitive environments, wherever access to electronic devices is not permitted such as:

  • Penitentiary Institutions
  • Barracks
  • Universities and exam centres
Cell Phone Detector

BVD SentryHound

  • Mobile Detection Portal
  • Special for electronic devices
  • Practical and easily transportable
  • Audible and visual alarms
Portable detector for cell phones and transmitting devices SecurSCAN Cell Gate

SecurSCAN Cell Gate

  • Detect cell phones and transmitting devices
  • 100 sensitivity levels
  • 3-zone LED indicators
  • Also suitable for outdoors
Digital and analog radio signal locator ST167-5G

SecurSCAN ST167-5G

  • Radio signal locator
  • Detects digital and analog signals
  • Detect cell phone activity
  • Detect data transmission activity
Cell Phone scanner Mantaray

SecurSCAN Manta Ray

  • Cell Phone Scanner
  • Detect phones even turned off
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Ideal for prisons
Cell Phones locator

SecurSCAN BVD Yorkie

  • Detects phones up to 45 mt away
  • Frequency from 600-3800 MHz
  • Handheld and pocket-sized
  • Made in USA