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Explosive Detector Explonix

SecurSCAN® Explonix

Explonix is a portable sniffer capable of quickly and effectively detecting any trace of explosive and / or radioactive substance (optional).
Instant in the detection of suspicious materials, it is piloted by means of the buttons located at the end of the handle, and through the color display on the back, it is possible to quickly examine the graphic and numerical response values.
In compliance with ECAC specifications, Explonix is able to detect all existing explosives, including those of an artisanal and non-volatile nature, in a maximum time of 1 second. Remarkably resistant to "interference" produced by chemical and organic compounds, it has a high level of prevention of false alarms.
Explonix does not produce contamination during its use, it is made up of toxic (except batteries), radioactive, dangerous components.

Technical Specifications
  • Compliant with ECAC specifications
  • Detection of all existing explosives, including craft ones
  • All operations are carried out via 1 button
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • Extremely resistant to interference caused by substances
  • No training required for its use
  • Percentage of "False Alarms" almost non-existent
  • No dangerous emissions
  • Extremely inexpensive consumables