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Professional X-Ray Security System - XRC 60-40

SecurSCAN® XRC60-40

Professional X-Ray Security System - XRC 60-40

SecurSCAN 6040 is an X-Ray control system mainly designed for security checks in:

  • Airports, Stopovers and Shipping Boards
  • Customs and Border Areas
  • Government Buildings
  • This is a high-security device specialised in detecting material illegally transported or hidden inside cabin bags and medium-small suitcases.

    Through its tunnel it is able to detect:

    • Weapons - including very small ones - (Knives, Cutters, Guns)
    • Powders and Drugs in either solid or liquid state
    • Detonators and Explosive Devices (also IED)
    • Smuggled items
    • Electronic devices
    • It guarantees sharp images showing the contents of the inspected baggage. The nature of the scanned objects is represented with different colours, and automatically warns the operator of the presence of objects considered dangerous.

      SecurSCAN XRC 60-40 has been used to guard the government building of Liberia President George Weah in Monrovia and on many other occasions whenever high security standards need to be guaranteed.

  • Dimensions: 204 x 87 x 137 cm. (L x W x H)
  • Tunnel Dimensions: 61 cm. (W) x 44 cm. (H)
  • Approx. Weight Unpacked: 555 kg.
  • Conveyor Speed: 0,20 mt/sec.
  • Conveyor Load Capacity: 165 kg. (evenly distribuited)
  • Conveyor Height: 80 cm.
  • System Power: 230VAC +/- 10% / 60-50 Hz
X-Ray Generator and Image Performance
  • 1.Steel Penetration: 37 mm. guaranteed / 39 mm. typical
  • 2.Wire Resolution: 38 AWG guaranteed / 40 AWG typical
  • 3.Article Separation: Low Z, Medium Z, High Z to 0,5 Z accuracy
  • 4.Generator Cool: Oil and forced air cooling
  • 5.Anode Voltage: 170 kV operating at 160kV
  • 6.Tube Current: 0,7 mA
  • 7.Direction of X-Ray: Diagonally upward
Computer Specifications
  • 1.Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 (or superior)
  • 2.Monitor: 21.5” LED color, flicker free min
  • 3.Memory: 4GB RAM min.
  • 4.Video Card: 2GB min.
  • 5.Hard Drive: 500 GB min.
  • 6.USB Port: 6 port min.
  • 7.Operating System: Linux