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Garrett Superscanner V

Garrett Superscanner V

Garrett Superscanner V is the most renowned handheld metal detector in the world, exceptional for the rapid screening of people, luggage, cabin bags, and bags.

It is able to detect guns, knives, blades, telephones, small jewels and tin foils containing drugs. Therefore, it is an essential metal detector for security checks in airports, concerts, courts, universities, ministries or in security check points.

It warns the operator of the presence of metal by means of selectable acoustic, visual and vibration signals, depending on the level of discretion you want to keep.

It does not require periodic calibrations and is composed of a solid, impact-resistant ABS shell.
What does Garrett SuperScanner V identify?

  • Weapons and any hidden metal objects
  • Small electronic devices


Essantial Features
  • Great Sensitivity
  • Sensitivity regulation
  • Sturdy ABS structure
  • Large scanning surface
  • Quick battery change
  • Acoustic, visual and vibrating signals
  • Interference reduction
  • LED status indicators