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Swabtek Test Kit for detection Cannabis traces

Swabtek Cannabis Test Kit

The SwabTek Cannabis test kit is the right answer to test the presumed presence of Marijuana, in an age when Cannabis-based products are available in any shape .

This kit is ideal for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Police investigations
  • Controls at prisons

The test detects and identifies:
  • Marijuana and industrial hemp
  • Hashish and derivatives
  • Cannabis derivatives


Product description

Since the kit uses a treated cotton ball, it can be used to test Cannabis residues on any surface : solid or liquid. Through this particular feature, the kit can be used to detect traces of Cannabis on any object , on food products and surfaces that have come into contact with the same.

The test is therefore able to detect the presence of cannabis samples in:

  • Plant materials
  • Oils and liquids in general
  • Gels and Creams
  • Food
How to use the Cannabis Test Kit

It is packaged in an envelope with two distinct parts inside: the swab test and the paper test .
The sample test will have to come into contact with the surface or liquid in which we suspect the presence of Cannabis. At this point the swab will have to come into contact with the test paper which, in 30 seconds , will react and indicate the presence or absence of the narcotic, based on its color.
There are 100 tests in the package