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Sistema per Ispezioni Postali Scanmail


Apparato di ispezione postale RAYSECUR MailSecur™

MailSecur is a latest generation device designed for the security checks of letters, parcels and postal parcels.
Thanks to the particular Millimeter Wave Technology, it has a sensitivity 10 times greater than the mmWave technology used by the United States government in airports.

With MailSecur, you can check the contents of your inbox via a real-time video scan and protect sensitive environments and people.

Letters and bomb packages, craft devices, incendiary devices, weapons and knives (including ceramic), can be detected in real time with MailSecur's 3D images.

MailSecur detects more potential threats than traditional X-ray mail scanners. With just a slight movement, you can see suspicious liquids and powders moving on the video in real time, as well as traditional dangerous objects such as guns, knives, detonators etc.

Lightweight, portable and easy
MailSecur is the size of a copier and can be installed on a desktop or table in minutes.

What MailSecur Identify?
  • Explosive devices and detonators
  • Powders, liquids and drugs in general
  • Razor blades, hacksaws and hidden keys
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Foil wraps
Where is Scanmail indicated?
  • Airports, Customs
  • Courts, Prisons
  • Public Offices, Companies, Barracks

Technical Specifications:
  • Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Technology: Provided at 10x The Resolution Used In Airport Screening;
  • - Dual Zone – Standard and 3x Zoom View;
  • - Safe, Requires No Certification, Dedicated Safety Protocols, or Special Shielding.
  • Dimensions: 19.5 in x 32 in x 31.5 in (49.5 x 81.3 x 80 cm)
  • Camera(s): mmWave and Optical
  • Image Enhancement Multiple Color Mapping;
  • - Brightness and Contrast Adjustment;
  • - 3X Optical Magnification
  • Automated Threat Detection
  • Metal Detection: Sensitivity Control, Visual and Audible Alarm, Dual Zone
  • Radiation Detection: Gamma Radiation, Beta Radiation
  • Power: Standard 110/220 V AC
  • Internet Connection: Ethernet, WiFi, LTE
  • Peripherals: USB, HDMI
  • Setup time: Typically <30 minutes