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Security Metal Detector MY 18

SecurSCAN MY 18

SecurSCAN MY-18 is a handheld metal detector, to perform rapid checks on people and luggage.

Provided with adjustable sensitivity and double type of alarm, it is essential for maintaining a high level of security in all sensitive and potentially at-risk places such as stadiums, government offices, courts, schools, military areas, prisons, airports, etc.

The MY-18 is crucial for police checks and it is ready to use by simply pressing a button, without any preliminary settings. It is also possible to maintain a high level of discretion by using only the vibrating alarm.
What does SecurSCAN MY18 can detect?

  • Knives, guns, hacksaws and small hidden weapons
  • Aluminium shells containing drugs
  • Items that may be unwelcome such as phones and cameras


  • 360° Detection Sensor
  • Sensitivity setting
  • Button for interference elimination
  • Acoustic or vibrating alarm
  • Volume control
  • Signal level indicator
  • Long Battery Life
  • Battery level LED indicator
  • Headphone/Charger connection jack