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Mirror for sub-vehicular inspections SMI 15

SecurSCAN® SMI 15

Mirror mounted on a high-resistance wheeled and impact-resistant ABS plastic frame.
Standard mirror diameter 30 cm. made of plexiglass.
Telescopic aluminum rod with ergonomic handle, minimum length 118 cm, maximum 157 cm.
Weight of the instrument, including lamp about 1.3 kg.
Lighting with high brightness LED flashlight powered by 3 AAA batteries.
It is ideal for inspecting:

  • Vehicles
  • Luggage Racks
  • Loading and Unloading areas
  • Customs and border areas
  • Railway Wagon
  • Areas of difficult access
  • Specifications:
    • 30 cm mirror. on wheeled chassis.
    • Lighting through LED torch.
    • Ergonomic telescopic pole.
    • Power supply AAA battery torch.