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Motorized Barrier VL-Pass

SecurSCAN VL-Pass

SecurSCAN® VL-PASS is an optical turnstile with motorized barriers designed to combine elegance with security.

Due to its stainless steel cabinets and clear impact-resistant polycarbonate retractable barriers, SecurSCAN® VL-PASS features a heavy-duty construction underneath a clean and sleek look, suitable for any security access control application.

SecurSCAN® VL-PASS features a standard 55 cm (≈21.7 ″) passage width. An optional 85 cm (≈33.5 ″) passage width configuration is also available to enable safe and smooth wheelchair access.

SecurSCAN® VL-PASS is an access control system made up of cabinets which control the opening and closing of polycarbonate retractable panels which work as sliding barriers.

If you need to restrict access to authorized personnel only, SecurSCAN® VL-PASS easily integrates with any biometric (fingerprint, iris or facial recognition) or RFID access control system ( A remote control option is also available.

SecurSCAN® VL-PASS is the best solution to secure:
  • Business/management centers, office facilities
  • Airports, boarding gates, railway and underground stations
  • Shopping centers/malls, grocery and retail stores, parking lots
  • Swimming pools, sports facilities, wellness centers, spas, amusement parks, stadiums


  • Clear impact-resistant polycarbonate retractable barriers, which can withstand high mechanical stress (height: 120 cm/≈47.2 ″)
  • Easily integrates with any access control system (biometric, RFID, hands-free proximity readers etc.)
  • Cabinet side panels made of shaped stainless steel
  • Cabinet top covers made of impact-resistant, shock-absorbing, scratch-resistant material
  • LED way-mode indicators (green arrow/red cross)
  • Tailgating detection with infrared sensors
  • Floor fixing with expansion anchors
  • Power supply: 220 V single phase, 50 Hz
  • Electromagnet voltage: 24 V DC - Power consumption: 140 W
  • Operating temperature range: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
  • Throughput rate: 30 people per minute
  • Protection rating: IP55 or IP65 (with optional enclosure)