Via dei Platani 3, Cesenatico, Italy
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Swing Gate MA-Pass

SecurSCAN® MA-Pass

SecurSCAN® MA-PASS is a versatile self-closing swing gate designed to control pedestrian traffic flow in a single direction (either entry or exit) and provide access for people with disabilities.

SecurSCAN® MA-PASS is manually controlled. No power supply is needed.

Common Applications:
  • Shopping centers/malls, grocery and retail stores, parking lots
  • Swimming pools, sports facilities, wellness centers, spas
  • Amusement parks, stadiums


Swing Gate SecurSCAN® MA-Pass
  • Manually controlled operation
  • One-way swing (either entry or exit direction)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Applications: swimming pools, sports facilities, retail stores, shopping centers/malls, supermarkets/convenience stores, emergency exits
  • Height: 100 cm (≈39.4 ″)
  • Passage width: standard 60 cm (≈23.6 ″) or custom size upon request (up to 90 cm/≈35.4 ″)
  • Weight: 6 to 7 kg (≈13 to 15 lbs.)